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The Electoral Commission
P.O.Box 741

About the Office

Electoral Commissioner The Electoral Commissioner's Office is established by the Constitution (Constitution 1993, Article 115).


The Electoral Commissioner is appointed by the President of the Republic from candidates proposed by the Constitutional Appointments Authority (Constitution 1993, Article 115). The Constitutional Appointments Authority is comprised of one person nominated by the President, one by the Leader of the Opposition and a Chairperson co-opted by the other two members (Constitution 1993, Article 140).

Term of Office

The Electoral Commissioner is appointed for a term of not more than 7 years, but is eligible for reappointment for further terms (Constitution 1993, Article 115(1), (6)).


The Electoral Commissioner is broadly responsible for (Constitution 1993, Article 116, 118; Political Parties Act, 1991, 2(3), 29):

  • The conduct and supervision of voter registration.
  • The conduct and supervision of elections and referenda.
  • The delimitation of constituencies.
  • The monitoring of election campaigns.
  • The registration and public financing of political parties.